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Tone Up Your body



Here is a great workout to incorporate all your muscles and cardio at the same time.

30 to 40 min run/fast walk on treadmill on step mill

20 ice-skaters

10 to 15 push ups

1 min wall sit hold

15 squats to shoulder press

Rest 45 sec between each exercise and repeat 5 times


Get your sweat and curves on!!




stay focused and keep faith


Sometimes i find myself beating myself up, overwhelmed, and questioning where i am in life. Most people think i have it all together. they think i am “lucky”. we all struggle with one thing or another even when it looks great from the outside looking in. We are our own biggest critics. we downplay our successes and we over imply on our failures. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and know that you’re where you are supposed to be. God has plans for us all and when we try to do on our own we fail and wonder why. I am still young, i still make mistakes, and i am far from perfect. all i can do is try my best and live with the results. We all have a purpose in life that we don’t know yet. Be grateful and happy where you are and keep in mind that it’s along journey to get to wherever you want to be. Having anxiety or stress about what you can’t control does nothing for you or the situation..So just live and enjoy the ride!



Cardio and Abs For Your Curves


Tired of those love handles? No worries, try one my ab routines and get rid of those love handles that make your waist look bulky and make your core tight.

I usually work my abs three to four times a week before i do my cardio session.

30 min walk on Treadmill

Ab circuit (Notice: no rest in between the ab circuit)

20 sit ups

20 leg raises

30 bicycles

30 sec plank

Rest 30sec and repeat 5 times( only ab circuits)


Feel the burn ! xoxo #thecurvyfit

Toned and Curvy Legs


Get those curvy and toned legs with one of my leg routine

Notice: i am using light weight and high reps today to keep my heart rate up and incorporate cardio at the same time! Hope you will enjoy!! #thecurvyfit
1- Pause squats: 4 sets of 20 reps ( i pause for about 3 sec)
2- Front pause squats 5 sets of 15 reps
3- Alternative curtsy lunges with bicep curls
Note: exercise 2 and 3 are a superset ( meaning they are done with no rest in between)
4- pulse lunges on smith machine: 3 sets of 20 superset with jumping squats ( wide and close stands)
5- walking lunges: 3 sets with a superset of 30 kickbacks ( not seen on video)
Get your curves on ladies!! Xoxo

1 min workout

Salma Female Fitness Expert

1 minute workout

Hey guys! Here’s a fun workout where you can challenge yourself and take it to the next level. There are 7 exercises and each one must be done for 1 minute


1 mile run on treadmill or 1 mile on stepmill

1 min challenge

1 min squats to shoulder press

1 min mountain climbers

1 min plank

1 min push-ups (drop to your knees if you get tired)

1 min bicycles

1 min high knees

1 min kickbacks (30 sec each leg)

Repeat everything 3 to 4 times

Take 45 sec between each exercise

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